Born in London but grew up just outside where it was greener. Then back to London for photography at art school in the late sixties. I worked as a photographer on and off, here and there, often for museums and archaeology. Finally back to London again, this time working at an art school.

For the last quarter of a century or so I have lived in Sweden. Photography is just an occasional major passion, not my job. Too arty for many photographers and too photographic for many artists so I’m just a picture-maker instead – it’s easier that way.

I’ve had work shown here and there, now and again. Last century I won an Ilford College Award, had a small collection in the Creative Camera Yearbook and had a portfolio published in The British Journal of Photography. A while ago I had a couple of prints at the Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Virginia, USA and a print at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. I have some work at the Art Photo Collection Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden and recently had some photopolymer hybrid prints in a couple of group shows in Sweden. I also received a Juror Award of Merit from the International Fine Art Photography Competition in 2013. You can open a ‘Spotlight’ article about what I do here BW-magazine-Jeffery that appeared in “Black & White” magazine a few years back. Presently I am also on LensCulture – www.lensculture.com/projects/185349-rural-street-in-b-w.

Technical Department
I use the equipment I have with me at the time and then sit in front of a computer wondering where the fun went.

Approach Department
I use a rather haphazard mix of technology and zen simplicity.

Well, this is as close as it gets:
Picture making is not really my hobby but rather my occasional burning passion: there is a difference. I use the photographic medium but I don’t see myself as a photographer in the normal sense. We may share the same medium but I don’t think we share the same goals.

I mainly use a regular camera. Sometimes I might use a mobile telephone, a scanner or a medium format camera for any number of reasons.

I often have some kind of half-cooked project on the back burner that normally involves pure photography but sometimes it might lean towards getting back to using cross-over media.

Although it’s almost certainly not obvious, there is a thread running through most of what I do; there is an underlying common theme. Without getting too philosophical perhaps you could say they normally simply reflect an interest in ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary’ and extrapolate what you like from that if you want any more.