There are some books available to flip through on But as they are ‘print-on-demand’ they are consequently set at unrealistic prices unfortunately. Real book publishing, which would bring the price down noticeably, is not for the faint-hearted and present day print-on-demand books are perhaps better than no books at all.

Deeper in the Forest is a dip-in-when-you-feel-like-it book with some accompanying text. All the shots were taken in the same forest in Sweden. It started out as a loose look at how people might have experienced what they encountered in the forest many years ago before TV and other influences but fortunately ended up somewhere else.

Winter Waterfront is about the odd imagery that can be found on winter nights by a river in a city. No additional lighting was used; I just used long exposures. It was cold but it was fun.

Valencia is an appreciative view of the visual offerings in one street in San Francisco one sunny day. Sometimes, some places grab you, sometimes they don’t.

West contains images from the west coast of Sweden with no particular theme except images from the west coast of Sweden.

Wherever You Are (unpublished, as yet) is a collection of around eighty images that are bundled in together with a handful of ‘texts’ to form separate ‘chapters’. All images are from a very small island that is uninhabited except in the warmer seasons. It takes only a half hour to saunter around the perimeter making it a perfect car-free (maybe even ‘carefree’) escape from a stressful world if you feel you can’t face anything more serious that day. There is nothing special about the island, it’s just an ordinary patch of land surrounded by water. There is nothing special about the text either, just a collection of words. So it’s not a ‘photography’ book in the normal sense, if that matters. It’s simply a presentation of snippets, findings, impressions and observations. The text is fictional, and in some senses, the images are too. It asks the reader to take or make from it what they will, wherever they are.

(Please note that I am presently reviewing the book situation and so things might change)