These themes loosely compile related images either by subject or place. Just click on the appropriate heading on the list below.

They’re not always too relevant in some cases as it’s nearly always the same underlying themes anyway. But it makes others happier. 

Sky Ice
Just water and sky in combination for a spectacle only we can see and appreciate. I’d like to think that wild creatures as well could just stop and admire it all but they are too busy just trying to stay alive I suppose. Something to learn there.

Valencia Street was a shabby-chic area of San Francisco. Clumsy, kitschy colors and combinations spilled out over the sidewalk experience liked a kicked bucket, soothed by archetypal shadows. Crazy as a box of frogs and symbolic as a dot-com logo. But now increasing gentrification has made the inevitable noticeable inroads. Nothing lasts for long.

Leaving Leaves
The title is just a play on words really. But if you do leave leaves, what you see here is what can happen. There is a sad beauty in age, sometimes.

Surf’s Down
The title has nothing to do with any problems with your wi-fi connection but a fading reference to a legendary Beach Boys’ number – Surf’s Up. Sometimes, however, sea surf is down along with a lot of other things; that’s life. Nevertheless, there are still visual wonders to be enjoyed if you can stop for a few seconds just to see.

This place is now one of the major tourist attractions in the USA. Strange when you think about it but fascinating it is anyway. Maybe it’s as close as it gets for most of us in providing an insight into what can happen. There was an old folk song that had a line: “there but for fortune may go you or I”.

The cryptic title is open for interpretation. Can’t say if I’ve made any decisions myself. It’s a changing world, right?

‘Alternative Prints’
A selection of prints made mainly using the photopolymer process plus a few additions to produce ‘hybrids’.

The Big Country is far too big in so many ways to deal with so here are just a few crumbs from its vast table.

Winter Waterfront
In winter when twilight moves into night, it becomes a darker and colder world. Activity slows to an eerie ambiguity.

Deeper in Forest
What do you see when you walk in the forest? Perhaps things aren’t as straightforward as they might first seem. Try walking ‘deeper’ in the forest next time. You never know what you might find.

Square pegs and round holes
Not everybody or everything ‘fits in’. Conformity can be a blessing or it can be a curse. These images are ‘theme-less’, if you like, but were geographically all from Sweden at least.